Top Review Oil Filled Heaters

Oil-filled heaters are heaters that heat up electrically, but the interior coils have oil in them, which disperses heat in the surrounding through radiation. These keep your home warm for a very long time and are used by many people. These heaters are great for any sort of home, and all you need is electricity.

How longs do oil-filled heaters last, you ask? These heaters can last almost 15-20 years if they are used properly and the coils are kept at a good rate between 750-1000 °f.

Are oil-filled heaters efficient? 

The simple answer is yes. They convert energy that they consume into heat energy and are 99% efficient.

How to choose an Oil Filled Heater

In order for the radiator to last a long time and not cause a burn or fire, it is important to take into account many parameters. We will tell you how to choose an oil heater, and what technical characteristics to pay attention to.

  • Power. When choosing a model, first of all, consider the power of the device. To do this, use a simple formula: heating 1 sq. m requires a minimum of 100 watts. So you can calculate the power of the radiator for a room, kitchen, corridor. When choosing a heater for a balcony, multiply this value by a factor of 1.15–1.2.
  • Heater section dimensions (width and thickness). These figures should be average, since too thick sections take a long time to warm up, which negatively affects energy consumption. At the same time, narrow elements heat up faster but have low heat transfer.
  • Device weight. It should be taken into account that, due to the design features, oil heaters cannot have a small mass. A lightweight radiator can be made of thin, low-quality metal, or the volume of the coolant (oil) in it will be less than it should be.
  • Control method. Simple and inexpensive heaters are usually reliable mechanical controls for temperature and power selection. On more expensive models, manufacturers install adapters for remote control via a mobile application. A device with a control panel is slightly cheaper, but inferior to the mechanical control method in terms of reliability.
  • Useful functions. The thermostat not only extends the service life of the device but also protects the heater from overheating and saves electricity. When the temperature drops, it will turn on the built-in heating element to heat the oil, and after heating, it will temporarily turn off the device. Radiators without a fan will take longer to warm up the room. Such devices are usually chosen for an apartment with good thermal insulation.

It is better to put heaters with a fan in a corner room or a room with poor central heating batteries – the air will circulate and heat up faster. For a home or summer cottage, radiators with an anti-freeze function are suitable. Such devices will maintain a positive temperature until the owners return home. In the bath or kitchen, where there is high humidity, it is better to choose models with a waterproof case.

Some manufacturers produce compact tumble dryers that can be mounted on a radiator. And with the humidification function, the heater combines the capabilities of two devices: a mobile heating radiator and an air humidifier.

Top 4 Best oil-filled heaters. 

Listed below are some of our top choices when it comes to oil-filled heaters.


Delonghi is a famous Italian brand. In terms of efficiency and functionality, the leading position in the ratings, according to users and experts, is held by Delonghi TRD 40820 E with three power indicators (0.9, 1.1, and 2 kW). The device demonstrates high performance while having only eight sections. Special attention should be paid to a high-quality thermostat, a switch with a light indicator, as well as the presence of the so-called fireplace effect.

The list of competitive advantages of the model includes mobility, ease of operation and transportation, build quality, fast warm-up.

Some users refer to the disadvantages of TRD 40820 E – the presence of the smell of oil, loud clicks when switching controls, no mute of keystrokes, relatively high cost.


This heater is a great option for homes and offices since this is known to be super quiet. They look rather compact and can be fitted into a kid’s room and can be put around the house, even in small spaces. The good thing about this is the thermostat is manually attached to the heater and comes with a remote control to allow easy access to the user. This also does not have any lights flashing through the thermostat or the entire body to disturb any sort of night sleep for the user. It also comes with a 10H off timer to allow safe usage. 

Amazon basic store.

A very good option for those who do not want the hassle of cleaning and maintaining their heaters over and over again. These hearts are great when it comes to self-maintenance since they are filled with a very good oil substance which allows it to not evaporate and is sealed within seven columns. To maintain a good warmth throughout the room, this turns on by itself to avoid oil freezing and has a mode that shuts off operation to void overheating. A great device for people who tend to be a little forgetful. This also has wheels which makes it very portable and safe for small rooms. 

Space Heater

This heater comes with different modes and selectable heating temperatures, which can be increased with remote control with a margin of 1° per click. These also have a topple overprotection and stays stable to avoid any damages to the floor or the surroundings. This heater also has multiple voltage modes and an eco mode to save energy and allows you to save money on your bill. The auto timer can also be selected if requires by the user. You can simply choose, and it will turn off automatically. From everyday use and keeping your room heated, this will be your best friend throughout winter. 


All of these are electric oil-filled heatersThese work great and give you some of the best-heated rooms and allow you to be great cost even in winters. The safety features of these advanced heaters are appreciated, and they keep you and your family safe.

Before buying, do not forget to compare reviews of the model or consult with friends who have already purchased oil heaters. So you can avoid many problems with warranty service and choose a reliable device with good heat dissipation, low electricity consumption.

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