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Tamale (also called tamale, tamal or nakatamal) is a typical dish made from corn masa. It came from Mexico, as well as from Central America, but today it can be seen around the world in countless variations. If you fill your tamale with savory meat or sweet sultans, the important things remain the same. You still wrap the mixture in a corn husk and steam it.
This is an old recipe that has actually retained its appeal for many years. Now the manufacture of tamales is intended only for unique events, festivals, and vacations. This is a laborious and laborious procedure since tamale production is an art that is passed from one generation of women to the next. No one simply does tamal at will, and also can not remember everything about it: he has improved over the years. This is an art that brings together: tamales or parties where women’s teams meet to make hundreds (at least!) Tamal: they shared the work and also did the work. The more hands, the more fun the event!
Tamales are amazingly delightful, so you get the feeling that you will surely want among the best tamale steamers. Steaming tamale can be difficult, but getting help from a specially designed tamale steamer is the most effective way to deliver fantastic results.

If you are here now, you know exactly how to make tamale. In addition, you also acknowledge the value of having an excellent tamale steamer pot for convenient tamale cooking at any time convenient for you.
Although the delicacy is delicious, it requires a lot of work and preparation. Numerous households like to do tamales as a task. Therefore, this not only makes it much less complex but also additionally satisfactory for the entire assembly.

Quick comparison: Top 5 best tamale steamer pots


Name of product class
Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer A+
Oster 108132.03 Sangerfield Steamer Set A+
Granite Ware Tamale Pot with Steamer Insert B
IMUSA USA MEXICANA-24 Aluminum Tamale and Steamer B+

1. ​Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer  

Highlighted Features

♦ Different water tray for replenishing; low tide level sharp switch; vented cover for the boiling water area avoids water climbing into food areas; checking out windows helps to see how much water needs to be included
♦ Two-tier: use one or both tier according to use; facility split removable for larger food like steaming tamales in an upright placement
♦ Digi Touchpad for setting the period of steaming, etc.; beep device for alerting customers when food is prepared

The Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer is a multi-tasker at an unbelievably fantastic price tag. It has stockpiles of a feature as well as includes contributed to it for comfort. It is two-tier storage and its compact shape makes it healthy easily in the kitchen cupboards. Not just that, if you steam two different foods, one requiring longer heavy steam times than one more, do so quickly by steaming one initial and afterward setting the various other a lit bit later. Cooking rice is also really simple in this cleaner.

Fill up the base with water and also one or both of the clear bowls with the food that you desire to vapor. Establish the timer on the touchpad. And an automated beep will certainly alert you when the food is steamed totally. In addition, for bigger foods (tamales for instance), you can simply remove the facility divider panel and also position them upright or piled. The food can additionally be steamed in “cozy mode” if required.

The electronic display has actually different features noted on it. There is one for low tide level: the switch immediately reddens and also you do not also need to take off the food bowls to fill up. A separate water tray will help you re-fill the water and also visual markings on the steamer let you see when you have added adequate water.

The capacity of the steamer, nonetheless, is really reduced as well as you can only fit very small portions of food in one set. Also, some components of the digital cleaner just require to be hand cleaned and also only a number of components are risk-free for use in the dishwasher.

  • Dimension is suitable for tiny families as well as for daily use.
  • Times steaming completely: doesn’t overcook also challenging food products like artichokes or hard-boiled eggs.
  • Lightweight; Portables; quickly fits in kitchen area closets.
  • Stainless-steel or glass bowls extra better than plastic ones which do not clean as simple and also are less sturdy.
  • Not dishwasher risk-free.
  • Not the most affordable electrical steamer readily available on the market.

2. Oster 108132.03 Набор пароходов Sangerfield 

Highlighted Characteristics
♦ Light-weight, sturdy stainless steel construction
♦ Sufficient ability for daily use: finest suited for families with 4 or five participants
♦ Elegant style, attractive looking steamer at a small cost tag

This steamer pot from Oster is primarily a two-unit item: the bottom component is the pot where you put in boiling water the leading part is the strainer for placing in veggies, tamales, and so on. Getting rid of the filter, one can quickly make use of the lower pot imply as a stockpot. The bottom pot provides enough area for boiling water and you would not require to re-fill frequently.

The pot is well built. It has a strong construct of high quality as well as a thick stainless-steel body that doesn’t dent. It is extremely simple to clean. Hand laundry is advised for the product: dishwasher might stress it. Additionally, if you use the pot to prepare rice or other food, caution should be utilized. There is no nonstick lining: food might stick and also blister and also these spots are very challenging to eliminate.

The cover is constructed from tempered glass which enables you to watch food during steaming and also has a heavy steam air vent as well. The deals with obtaining extremely hot throughout use and hot pad are needed. Nevertheless, the loophole like handles offers enough room for holding the cleaner. The area where one top remains on the other lets out a great deal of vapor, but it doesn’t substantially enhance steaming time.

  • Convenient, easy to use, mobile, as well as light-weight: can easily suit cooking area cupboards.
  • Reliable as well as efficient: steams most food products in about 15 minutes to half an hour.
  • Not suitable for usage in induction stovetops, dishwashers, and so on.
  • Takes care of get really warm during steaming.

3. Granite Ware Tamale Pot with Steamer Insert

Highlighted Characteristics
♦ Big, roomy, well built; sturdy building and construction from exceptional top quality materials
♦ Smooth, attractive finish with a black coating

This light-weight resilient cleaner from Granite Ware is significant. It is sizable and also large, suitable for suitable in a lot of tamales. Not just that, without the steamer insert, it works well when steaming or cooking crabs, fish and shellfish, a lot of veggies, turkey as well as also spaghetti. It has a domed shaped lid as well as the takes care of offer adequate area for holding.

The cleaner has a streamlined layout as well as an appealing black appearance, making it an important addition to your cookware collection. People who have actually used Granite Ware for a very long time count on the name and completely satisfied with the excellent value for the money of the product.

The porcelain finish is very easy to tidy. It doesn’t stain in any way and also doesn’t establish locations. It is inert and doesn’t corrode when acidic food is steamed or prepared. Nevertheless, the porcelain finishing is really dainty: it will certainly chip as well as break very easily otherwise taken care of with caution and also care. Likewise, beware of receiving a dented or chipped product. Return it promptly if you obtain a busted or broken item.

The covering on the interior of this steamer job best for simmers and reduced to medium warmth. A lot of clients suffer the insides melting when utilized for a time in high warm. The product should not be made use of on glass stovetops.

The cleaner is outfitted with a steamer rack with large as well as little openings. The steamer rack sits well inside the steamer. However, the water degree below the shelf might be insufficient for plenty of customers: people have actually complained of the shelf being virtually immersed in water. Use a lower degree of water if needed but after that, you would have to deal with the problem of replenishing it very frequently.

  • Fantastic warm circulation, easy to tidy with soapy water.
  • Tough, long-lasting, durable: a flexible product.
  • Inert; does not stain, blemish, or corrode with use.
  • The cleaner covering chips as well as flakes otherwise used extremely meticulously.
  • The inside might melt if made use of on extremely high warm for longer durations.
  • Low boiling water ability; steamer rack placed too low.
  • Customers have a chance of obtaining damaged or chipped items.

4. IMUSA USA MEXICANA-420 Steamer 

Highlighted Features

♦ Huge and large, excellent for fitting in a lot of tamales in one set
♦ Unbreakable glass lid for watching the materials of the steamer when cooking
♦ Phenolic takes care of that remain great during usage
♦ The design is smooth and eye-catching, making it a classic addition to your kitchenware collection

This lightweight steamer from IMUSA comes with a really small cost tag. Regardless of that, it is a really functional steamer. Ideally matched for making tamales, it has deep straight sides and also is extremely roomy and also sizable inside. You can fit in at least 40 tamales, if not more, in a single set of steaming. It is a versatile equipment: not just tamales, you can also use it for steaming crabs, lobsters, great deals of vegetables, corn on the cob, etc

. The warmth circulation is rapid. The hand are strong and also continue to be awesome during cooking, removing the demand for using potholders. The lid is made out of unbreakable solidified glass, so you can easily monitor the development of food preparation or steaming. The lid has steam vents to stop pressure develop. This lightweight cleaner is very mobile and also collaborates with many stovetops.

The construction of this steamer, however, is inadequate. A substantially lower grade product has been used, making it deteriorate with only a few months of use. Aluminum cleaners are much more susceptible to dents and effects than stainless steel ones: this pot is an instance of that. Many customers additionally have a tendency to obtain dinged up products or items missing out on a lid, or with broken handles: ensure to ask for a replacement.

Aluminum is worn away by responsive components in food as well as this cleaner tends to tarnish, pit or stain black, otherwise used with caution or made use of to prepare as opposed to heavy steam foods. The cleaner is furnished with a cleaner shelf or insert that fits it completely well. The boiling water below the steamer rack is placed at a hassle-free level but some users experience trouble in re-filling it.

  • Lightweight steamer, flexible; terrific warmth circulation due to the aluminum body.
  • Discolors, spots, and also pits swiftly, even more, if utilized for cooking instead of steaming.
  • The materials made use of are lightweight and also the construction top quality is inadequate.

5. IMUSA USA MEXICANA-24 Aluminum Tamale and Steamer

Highlighted Features

♦ Big, large insides; light-weight; easy to carry and handle
♦ Level metal that doesn’t damage when gone down; Metallic, secured takes care of are sizable as well as protected for holding

This light-weight cleaner from IMUSA is made completely out of lightweight aluminum. It has a smooth, attractive-looking silver body with a flat metal cover, straight sides, and also metal manages. Regardless of being lightweight, it is very large and also perfect for steaming tamales, crabs, lobsters, turkey, and so on. The steamer is furnished with a detachable cleaner shelf with a series of openings. The steamer rack sits well, giving sufficient area for the boiling water below it.

This steamer is excellent for individuals that do not want to invest a fortune into a premium product as well as are looking for a cost-effective practical steamer. A lot of customers have actually discovered greater than one used for this cleaner: some even utilize it as a smoker, for their barbecuing requirements and this steamer functions exceptional for outdoor usages. It has exceptional warmth distribution and the food warms up quickly.

However, the disadvantage of lightweight aluminum as a material for a steamer is that it is very reactive to acidic food things like tomatoes and also vinegar. Caution should be utilized to stop staining, matching, or discoloration of the cleaner. A lot of customers suffer the light not fitting as firmly as tamale steamer needs.

A great deal of vapor escapes from the sides of the lid. A lot of users have likewise suffered warping as well as damages. Cleaning this steamer is fairly very easy. It is best to not get too hot the cleaner as it may cause burns, or hotspots establishing which would certainly not only be extremely tough to clean later and however may also result in food obtaining blistered.

  • Multipurpose use; functional; it is specifically suited for daily usage.
  • Wonderful warmth circulation because of the lightweight aluminum body.
  • Prone to discoloration, discoloration and also matching if acidic food is prepared.
  • Poor build quality; inexpensive product is made use of; building and construction is bad resulting is dents, damages, etc

What makes the most effective tamale steamer pot?

Will any type of cleaner make a good tamalera? Sadly, not all cleaners can be utilized for cooking tamales.

Why is this so? Tamales are prepared upright, so you will certainly require a steamer that fits the ordinary elevation of your tamales. A lot of all-around cleaners are not high sufficient for piling tamales upright.

When determining to acquire a tamale steamer, you have to think about the dimension, product, steaming devices, and also price.


The sizes of tamale steamers vary from 10 quarts to 80 quarts. Here’s exactly how you figure out the appropriate steamer dimension for the variety of tamales you wish to cook at once.

The number of tamales you can cook per batch will certainly differ depending on the size of your tamales as well as the pot. Generally, however, a 10-qt tamalera will be just right for 30 regular-size tamales. A 28-qt steamer pot will certainly make you 90-100 tamales per batch.

As stated earlier, keep in mind the elevation from the cleaner’s base to the rim of the pot (when the cleaner rack is set up inside the pot). This dimension should not be less than the usual elevation of your tamales when loaded vertically. Naturally, you can make short or square-shaped tamales. We’ve seen many variants like that, but standard tamales are long and also open on the top end or linked on both ends.

A pot of 10-20 quarts will function wonderfully if you usually make tamales for the household, however, a larger one (at least 32 quarts) will be more appropriate if you aim to become a tamalada host.


Tamales are offered in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and also galvanized steel. Galvanized iron tamale cleaners are resilient as well as usually inexpensive. They can be rather hefty, however, which occasionally does not agree with glass-style cooktops.

We favor high-gauge aluminum and stainless-steel because they are fairly light, hard-wearing, excellent warmth conductors, and also simple to clean.

Steamer rack

The steamer shelf is what makes a pot a steamer; otherwise, it’s just a stockpot. It’s normally a steamer insert or basket that keeps the tamales from obtaining taken in water. Openings on the shelf enable vapor to get through to prepare the freshly-wrapped tamales or to warm icy tamales.


The cover of the steamer should be heavy and tight enough to avoid steam as well as warm from getting away the pot. A towel positioned on top of the piled tamales avoids the release of steam, however, it’s an excellent idea to have a tightfitting cover in the first place.

Some cooks like glass covers because they can peek via the lid without opening it and blurting heavy steam.

Other features


We have set out one of the most important considerations, but you can additionally check other functions. For really big banks, it’s much safer to make deals. Some chefs can take care of what is fashionable to the touch.

It will be a plus if the tamale steamer pot you choose doubles as a pan or deep fryer. This will certainly make it more functional in the kitchen because you will most likely not give out tamales every week.


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