The Best Cavitation Machine in 2021 (to eliminate body fat)

Fast weight loss without effort and without harm to the body is the cherished dream of everyone who wears hated extra pounds on their bodies. Until recently, such methods simply did not exist. The only choice could be between grueling exercise and counting each crumb that was eaten or an expensive operation with long rehabilitation.

The invention of the method of ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss and cellulite elimination has become a truly revolutionary breakthrough in aesthetic medicine.

What is ultrasonic cavitation?

Cavitation (from Latin cavita – emptiness) is a physical phenomenon associated with the formation and subsequent collapse of vacuum or gas bubbles in a liquid. This effect is caused by various reasons, but the principle of acoustic (ultrasonic) cavitation is applied specifically in medicine. For example, urologists use ultrasound to destroy kidney stones and dentists clean patients’ teeth of stones and plaque. In cosmetology, ultrasound is successfully used in the procedures of shock wave therapy and body cavitation.

We all know that with age, the body slows down the breakdown of fats at the cellular level. Due to a decrease in the elasticity of the septa of the connective tissues and a slowdown in metabolic processes, fatty deposits, and waste products accumulate in the cells. Not receiving the necessary nutrition in such a “cramped state”, healthy fat cells are rebuilt, encapsulated, adjusting to new conditions. Medicine describes this phenomenon with the term “gynoid lipodystrophy”. Visually, these processes are manifested by ugly rolls of fat on the body and cellulite on the thighs and buttocks (the notorious “orange peel”).

How does cavitation “work”?

ультразвуковая кавитационная машина

A special device produces an acoustic wave that easily penetrates the skin directly into the adipose tissue. Under the influence of low-frequency ultrasound, vacuum microbubbles are created in the fat cells. Due to the natural expansion process, they rupture after a certain time, causing the destruction of the cell walls. As a result, unrestrained fat flows into the intercellular space, from where it is much easier to extract it. Depending on the method of removing this liberated fat from the body, two types of body cavitation are distinguished:

Invasive technique. With this method, the contents of fat cells are extracted with special needles-cannulas through punctures in the skin. The manipulation is painful, therefore, it is carried out under local or general anesthesia, depending on the size and characteristics of the treated area. In one session, it is possible to remove fat deposits with a volume of 1.5 liters or more.

Non-invasive (natural) technique. The fat released by the cavitation effect of ultrasound is removed from the body using natural metabolic processes – through the blood and lymphatic ducts. Accordingly, there is no need for punctures in the skin, there is no additional burden on the body in the form of anesthesia. In one session, the patient loses about 0.5 liters of fat.

The main advantages of this method of removing adipose tissue are its safety and effectiveness. The device settings for ultrasound cavitation are such that the shock wave destroys only fat cells without affecting adjacent structures (epidermis, nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue).

An excellent “bonus” to the actual reduction of body fat are additional effects of the cavitation procedure:

• activation of blood circulation in tissues;

• reduction of manifestations of fibrosis;

• prevention of local proliferation of fat cells;

• increasing skin tone and elasticity.

All this helps to get rid of local “fat traps”, that is, helps to fight cellulite at the cellular level.

It is no coincidence that this procedure is often called cavitation liposuction for its highest efficiency. And reviews of the procedure and photos before and after ultrasonic cavitation on the Internet speak exclusively in favor of the method.

What is the difference between home cavitation and salon cavitation?

A cavitation machine is a device that emits ultrasonic waves, their frequency is different for home and salon use. Ultrasound usually refers to sound waves above 20 kHz (kilohertz), but the higher the frequency, the shorter the reach. In other words, when used for cavitation, the lower the frequency, the deeper the sound waves affect the fat cells, so a more pronounced effect can be obtained. The output frequency of the home use cavitation machine is about 300KHz, while the commercial cavitation has an output frequency of about 30KHz. Home cavitation devices are less powerful, but they do not require special knowledge and training, and with them, it is impossible to harm yourself. Manufacturers are trying to reach a compromise – so that it is absolutely safe, but also with a sufficiently positive effect.

Cavitation machines are those that target specific body parts of a specific person. But you may have the question in mind, “does ultrasonic cavitation really work?” To find out more, we’ve set up a list of the 7 best at home cavitation machines:

MLAY radio cavitation machine

Amongst the best cavitation machine, this one is on the top of our list.
It works on the body well and helps eliminate fat from certain places such as the arms, the belly, and even tightens the skin on your face. It has zero to no side effects and keeps the skin healthy and reproductive of collagen throughout the use.

Airblasters cavitation machine

To keep yourself fit and have your skin be right throughout your age, you should try this product which is an easy-to-use professional cavitation machine. It helps reduce weight and keeps your skin tights. The love handles will be gone after constant use with frequent and correct induction of frequency. It’s an easy-to-use product.

Enshey cavitation machine


This is one of the best ultrasonic cavitation machines for home use. This is a great way of shaping yourself into your dream body without putting in the effort. This helps maintain a shaken body as well as helps lose up to 100% fats through the lymph system, as well as converting the body fat into sugars for extra energy.

Monca cavitation machine

With an automatic 10 min shutoff, it allows the user to know when it’s time to stop inducing the ultrasonic waves in one part of the body. It helps your skin rejuvenate itself and maintains a tight uplift on the saggy skin. This has no side effects and helps you slim yourself all over.

Zinnor cavitation machine

This is a user-induced cavitation machine that helps the person reduce weight as well as massage the skin tight. This has preset modes and allows the user to induce the frequency by hand as well for a more preferred setting.
It has five massage heads that act in different ways and help the user get the desired result.

NORLANYA BEAUTY cavitation machine

An easy handheld device that helps the person lose fat around the face and uplifts the whole face to make the user look a lot healthier and fresh. It does leave any skin damage and boosts collagen production.

AGTLLC cavitation machine

A handheld device that can be used all over the body to drive any muscle pain as well as help in fat reduction. It is a great waterproof device that helps the user maintain a great shape throughout usage. Gives a workout result with only 19 minutes of usage.

Indications for ultrasonic cavitation

• volumetric fat deposits in the abdomen, shoulders, back, sides, thighs, buttocks;
• fibrosis, cellulite on the thighs and buttocks, “orange peel”;
• excess skin, laxity, poor tone;
• defects after previous surgical liposuction.
Contraindications to ultrasonic cavitation:
• oncological diseases;
• pregnancy and lactation;
• diseases of the blood, blood vessels;
• tendency to form blood clots;
• autoimmune diseases;
• diabetes;
• diseases and damage to the skin in the treatment area;
• other reasons that may be clarified at the consultation.


Benefits of the procedure:
• No age restrictions;
• Uniform body shaping;
• No anesthesia (even local) or pain relievers needed;
• It is applied on a large area of the body;
• No rehabilitation required;
• The integrity of the skin is not violated (no punctures and cuts);
• No scars, scars, pronounced edema, and hematomas after the session;
• The sensitivity of the skin is completely preserved;
• Lifting effect (skin tightening);
• The result is noticeable after several procedures;
• Cumulative effect;
• Expressed body shaping after completing the course;
• There are no strict restrictions even on the day of the procedure.

• Cannot be used in cases of obesity when the excess weight reaches 15-20 kg;
• Not suitable for those with a fat fold of fewer than 3 centimeters.

Are there any side effects?

No serious side effects. But it must be borne in mind that the destroyed triglycerides pass through the lymphatic and circulatory system, are destroyed by the liver, and excreted by the kidneys, and this can create a certain load on these organs. You should not do cavitation if you have liver or kidney disease. And besides, in order not to increase the load, it is worth refraining from alcohol and fatty foods after the procedure.

Is there an anti-cellulite effect?

Yes. Cellulite is a mixture of enlarged fat cells and waste products that are not excreted due to poor metabolism. Cellulite forms when you gain weight, but one of the reasons cellulite is more likely to occur is hormone imbalances and a decrease in metabolism as you age. If you did not notice in time or could not do anything, the epidermis will push out the fat cells, and the skin will become bumpy. It is not easy to remove it with massage, but cavitation will help due to the fact that it accelerates the removal of waste products and softens fat cells.
How long does it take to see the effect of reducing body fat?
For those who do this procedure for the first time, the effect can be instantaneous, the volumes are noticeably reduced. This is due to the rapid lymphatic drainage effect. But in order to achieve exactly the reduction of the fat layer, you need to do at least 10 procedures, and it is advisable to combine them with other measures aimed at enhancing metabolism. It is possible to improve the constitution of the body in 3 months, it is advisable to first carry out the procedures 2 times a week, and then 1 time a week.

How often should the procedure be done?

The fat cells that are destroyed during the procedure are removed by the lymphatic system within 2-3 days, so there is no need to do it too often. Optimally 1-2 times a week. But it can be divided into zones – for example, today the hips and buttocks, and tomorrow the waist.

What can you do to get the most out of cavitation?

Best at home cavitation machine can help you lose weight relatively quickly, but let’s see what else you can do to enhance its effect. Drink plenty of water after cavitation to help your body excrete fat faster. Also during this time – 2-3 hours after the procedure – either refrain from eating or eat something light and fat burning. Fat after cavitation is in a state in which it is easier for the body to use it for energy. Therefore, moderate exercise after the procedure is very effective. We recommend aerobic exercise, jogging, swimming, cycling. With light to moderate exercise for 3-4 days after cavitation, you will lose weight faster. Self-lymphatic massage after the procedure is highly recommended, and to improve blood circulation, it can be done in a warm bath.


Ultrasonic cavitation perfectly solves the problems of weight correction and removes the hated cellulite. The delicacy of the action combined with the instant and lasting effect makes this method truly revolutionary!

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