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In the last decade, a heated mattress was used exclusively as a medical device, which allows improving the general condition of patients suffering from circulatory disorders, pain in the joints and muscles. Improvement of the technologies used in the production process made it possible to create lightweight devices – an electric heated mattress pad, which became a source of dry heat. Similar designs began to be used to heat ordinary beds.

Product Name Highlighted Feature Price

Sunbeam Premium Luxury Quilted Electric Heated Mattress Pad

  • Personalized 10 heating modes.
  • Convenient auto power-off function for 10 hours. The preheat function heats the cold sheets before bedtime (on some models). Save up to $ 131 on winter heating bills (more) Control your side with two heating zones. 
  • Suitable for mattresses up to 21 inches deep.
  • A number of threads 250
  • Machine wash and dryer. 
  • Five-year limited warranty.

Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Waterproof and Stain Repellent Mattress Pad

  • The cozy electric mattress pad has a waterproof base for peace of mind, and the top is made of 100% cotton, the number of threads is 200
  • 10-position controller with 10-hour auto shut off; each side can control heat levels individually with 2 heating zones
  • ThermoFine technology senses and regulates to provide constant heat during sleep
  • Machine wash and dryer safe

Woolrich Sherpa Heated Mattress Pad

  • mattresses are 80 “L x 60” W
  • Includes 2 controllers; 5 temperature control settings; 10 hours auto shut off
  • 100% Polyester; 
  • machine wash and dry

Sunbeam All Season Premium Queen Heated Mattress Pad

  • Cotton
  • 100% Quilted Cotton Top – 200 Thread Count Top- Fits Up to 21″ Deep Mattress
  • Digital 10-Hour Auto-off Control – 10 Heat Settings Plus Preheat Feature
  • Control Has Two Heating Zones – Control your Side! With Remote.
  • ThermoFine Warming System Senses and Adjusts to Deliver Consistent Warmth
  • Machine Wash and Dry. 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty.

Biddeford Quilted Sherpa Electric Heated Mattress Pad

  • Luxuriously Soft Cozy Top
  • Machine Wash and Dry
  • Digital Control(s) with Ten Heat Settings
  • Expandable Skirt Fits up to 22″ Mattress
  • 10 Hour Auto Shut-Off

Sable Electric Heated Mattress Pad

  • Flannel
  • 10 Heat Settings & Auto-Off Timer: Features
  • 10 heating modes and lets you set an auto-off timer from 1 to 9 hours; included remote with display allows controlling the desired temperature
  • FDA Registered & 100% Polyester Hypoallergenic Soft Plush: Registered With
  • The FDA As A Class 2 Medical Device, the breathable textile prevents perspiration while keeping you warm at night
  • Extra Long Cord: Equipped with an ergonomically designed 3m length cable so you have complete flexibility and access to the controls at all times
  • Save Energy with Low Voltage: Safer-to-use 24V output makes for warmer winter nights while saving money on the electricity bill

Beautyrest Heated Microfiber Mattress Pad with 3M Scotchgard

  • Set includes: 1 mattress pad
  • Cover: 100Percent polyester filling: 100Percent polyester
  • Measurement: 39-by-80-inch mattress pad with 15 inches pocket depth
  • Machine washable

MP2 Heated Mattress Pad with 5 Heat Settings and 10 Hours Auto Shut Off, Queen

  • Made from 100% polyester.
  • Soft flexible wires protect sensitive pressure points, they will not be felt under the quilted top
  • The mattress pad has 5 heating modes and two controllers for individual comfort.
  • There are also 10 hours auto shut off for security.
  • Non-slip skirt fits perfectly up to 19 “. Queen size – 60” x80 “x15”

Features of a heating mattress

The used models of mattresses with a heating function are characterized by increased functionality compared to the usual orthopedic designs, which are often used in the arrangement of berths. The heated mattress pad is equipped with a special device that is responsible for heating and subsequent adjustment of the surface temperature. The principle of the device’s operation is to bring the sleeping set to a comfortable temperature. Before use, the electric mattress pad is laid on the bed, after which it is connected to the network.

During rest, it seems to a person that underneath is a large heating pad. The features should also include the possibility of long-term use of models. So, the mattress will warm the bed throughout the night. Thus, it became possible to stay for a long time overnight in rooms that are poorly heated. Features include the possibility of active drying of the used bed set. If there is an increased indicator of humidity in the room, the function will come in handy.

What is an electric mattress?

An electric mattress with the function of heating the surface is a special device that was developed for hospitals in need of designs that contribute to the speedy warming of people suffering from circulatory disorders. Dry heat spreads over the entire surface as soon as possible. The design is laid on top of the main mattress or any other surface. It is covered with a sheet or other delicate matter. 10 minutes after switching on, the surface is ready for subsequent use.

With minimal consumption of electrical energy, the device can function throughout the night. The power rating is 40-80 watts. The top layer of the electric heated mattress pad is made of mixed, synthetic or natural material. The lower layer consists of heat-resistant matter, which contributes to an even distribution of heat over the surface. Inside is a heating element. The electric blanket works according to the same principle.

The principle of the electric heated mattress pad

The role of the heating element is an elastic type wire, which is a cable-based on chromium and nickel, placed in a silicone insulator. Thanks to silicone properties such as ductility and strength, the cable can be bent or neatly folded. A modern heated medical mattress is equipped with a thinner wire made of carbon fiber. To turn on the unit, you need a direct network connection. In the immediate vicinity of the resting place must be a working outlet. In most cases, the mattress is equipped with a 3 m wire.

The heating mode is selected manually and, depending on the model of variation used, there may be 2-9. The heating temperature will be + 28 ° С – + 55 ° С. The infrared heating function is available only inexpensive models. Possible options:

  • Temperature control simultaneously for several (different) zones. Useful if a person freezes only a certain part of the body, for example, legs.
  • Electric-type control knob.
  • The ability to erase the device in automatic mode.
  • Mode indicator with backlight function.
  • Convenient fixing on a working surface.
  • Overheating sensor and automatic shutdown mechanism.
  • A timer that allows shut down after a certain period of time.

Application area

Such designs are used not only to heat the bed but also in many therapeutic rooms. Such an electric mattress will differ in design and structural features. It was possible to achieve a therapeutic effect due to the massaging effect and the heating function. It helps to eliminate pain caused by radiculitis, osteochondrosis, diseases of the joints and muscles. It is prescribed for gynecological diseases, and also helps relieve accumulated stress. Relief will come after several massage sessions.

During heating, the oxygen in the room is not burned, which contributes to improved sleep. People who find it difficult before bedtime to calm down and fall asleep quickly, the mattress helps to cope with the tasks. Often used in rooms such as the living room, in which a beautiful, but not comfortable sofa is installed. The design quickly develops, which allows for storage anywhere.

Advantages and disadvantages



  •  the ability to regulate the temperature regime in certain areas of the coating;
  •  the use of hypoallergenic materials;
  •  durability;
  •  accelerates falling asleep;
  •  elimination of the effects of stress;
  •  favorably affects the well-being of people suffering from pain in muscles and joints;
  •  there is no need to use other heaters;
  •  the ability to sleep with an open window in autumn or spring;
  •  the compactness of a heated mattress.
  • Despite a high safety indicator, such a product belongs to the category of electrical, which makes subsequent use strictly according to the attached instructions. Failure to comply with the norms and rules of use can damage an expensive product.
  • pets and children are not allowed to play with the mattress;
  • before buying a consultation with a doctor is required;
  • ironing is prohibited;
  • excessive bending during folding should be avoided;
  • the mattress does not fit under the head;
  • Store in a dry place and avoid direct contact with water;
  • Cutting, piercing and sharp objects are dangerous for the mattress;
  • deformation of the product is possible if heavy objects are placed on the surface, walking or jumping.


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