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Pets occupy a very important place in our life. And such varieties like cats have repeatedly been the subject of jokes, stating that for Homo Sapiens feline Regency is a subject of worship. And a significant amount of truth is present in these statements. Therefore, it is clear how important the health of his caudate pet is to any cat lover.

To a large extent, this health depends on proper, wholesome and, most importantly, regular nutrition. To ensure it is capable of such a device, not so long ago appeared in zoological stores, such as an automatic cat feeder. After all, a modern lifestyle involves a long absence of animal owners in their homes.

Work, business travel, entertainment, shopping, and many other activities do not allow you to stay at home for a long time. In today’s frantic pace of life, the pet is not guaranteed a break in the flow of food that it needs, which adversely affects its psyche, well-being and life expectancy.

What is a good Automatic Cat Feeder?

Just pouring cat food over the essentials in a bowl is not an option. Either the cat overeats (and immoderation in food is typical of many domestic animals), which will not affect its health in the best way, or the food will be destroyed in the open air and become unattractive to the animal. But in cats, as you know, the food is very fussy. It is not always possible to carry and carry a pet with you constantly, and for many residents of the house, such a lifestyle will be constant stress that can ruin the health of pets.

The automatic cat feeder mentioned above, which provides cat food in automatic mode, can solve this problem. In addition, it allows you to maintain optimal nutritional standards for your pet. After all, do not ask for supplements to the feeder, it cannot be said that many cat owners cannot resist the pet meow of a pet. Yes, and the animal remains at the same time in the familiar home environment.

By the way, do not forget that in addition to food, the cat also needs water, so it is advisable to purchase an automatic feeder with an automatic feeder for water.

Requirements for Auto Cat Feeders

So, what are the requirements for an automatic cat feeder?

  • It must reliably ensure the availability of the required amount of animal feed in accordance with the established schedule, regardless of the presence or absence of the owner in the house.
  • Naturally, the automatic cat feeder should have a safe design so that the animal does not damage it and is harmless to tailed animals.
  • Such a product should be as reliable and preferably durable.
  • Using a feeder should not require any special skills or knowledge, it is necessary that it is available to any cat.

The Top Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

Generally, feeding your family pet requires an excellent combination of food kinds. In most cases, the foods will certainly always be either completely dry or wet. There are many automatic pet dog feeders that feed cats or pets with dry foods. The actual obstacle is when you want to offer your pet dog some damp food. There are numerous reasons why damp food benefits cats, but in many cases, it will certainly not also be your choice. Maybe your veterinarian encourages you to feed the family pet with damp food for clinical reasons, or you wish to alternative in between completely dry and also wet foods for dietary objectives. Needing to keep in mind that you need to do this can be a risky task due to the fact that we humans are always brief in a timely manner. Often you need to keep away from home longer than you believed. In the current age of automation, an automated pet cat feeder for damp food will be available in helpful to give you that feeding equilibrium you seek for your cat without all the rushes of always tracking all the feeding times as well as routines.

It is not extremely easy for cat proprietors to get an automatic feline feeder for wet food that is trusted to keep the food fresh for enough time. This is still genuine trouble, but there are a few cat feeders that are trying to address this scenario and so far the attempts are very effective.

Some feline feeders come with an inbuilt ice bag which aids to maintain the food cold. These ice packs would require to be frozen then used when you are ready to place the food in the dispensers. The ice packs will last for about 6 hours relying on the climate as well as where the feeder is positioned. Nonetheless, they are a great enhancement to an automated feline feeder for damp food because they assure that food will certainly stay fresh for long enough till your pet cat prepares to consume.


The Tdynasty automated feline feeder for wet food is the most effective we have actually assessed in this damp food group. It operates flawlessly for both dry and also damp foods, but masters just how it takes care of wet food combined with a collection of features that it packs for its price.

This feeder is geared up with 5 compartments, each of them brings 8oz (1 mug) of food. You can configure up to four meals at whatever routine you want to. This automated feline feeder for wet food is durable in build and very airtight which enables it to keep chilled food fresh for as long as 12 hrs. If you want to press even more hours out of this feeder when you are disappearing for a longer period, totally ice up the wet food first prior to putting into the feeding trays. In this manner, you will certainly be able to squeeze out up to 24 hours of fresh damp food for your feline.

Among the things making this feeder, a bargain is that you can videotape a message for your feline, not longer than 10 seconds, welcoming her to eat. This is not a common function for automated pet cat feeders of this size. The message will certainly play 3 times throughout the feeding times.

With a touch-enabled control panel, this automatic pet cat feeder for damp food gives a blue backlight LCD display that makes it really simple to set up dish times as well as forget about it. The tool is powered by a DC adapter. Nevertheless, an additional win for it is that it includes a power back-up option in the name of 4 “C” batteries that are not consisted of in the bundle. When power is removed, the automobile family pet feeder will instantly switch to utilize the batteries without shedding the programmed feeding times or schedule. It continues to function like nothing happened. When the power returns, it changes back to the DC adapter and stops using the batteries again without losing the configured feeding routines. In this manner, no matter the state of power your feline continues to appreciate constant feeding.

This feline food dispenser includes a warranty of one year. The develop is of high quality. It is portable. The lid has a protected latching mechanism that maintains the felines far from the food up until it is time for them to consume. The tray can be separated from the feeder and also it is dishwasher safe guaranteeing hygienic requirements for your feline. The device offers felines well and is also extremely ideal for tiny to medium-sized dogs.

  • Easy to establish as well as obtain functioning.
  • A limited locking system keeps food secure from saucy felines.
  • Marketed as an automated feline feeder for wet food and also extremely reliable at keeping damp food fresh.
  • Tape a personal message for your pet catcalling them to consume.
  • Ideal for both completely dry and also wet foods.
  • Power backup choices imply the feeder can endure power interruptions.
  • Preserves programmed feeding timetable also after disturbances by power.
  • Easy to take apart, clean and also repaired.
  • No integrated ice bag which might include a lot of advantages to the feeder.
  • You can just arrange 4 dishes because one compartment is open.
  • Needs food to be frozen if you want it to last much longer.


The Cat Mate C500 is better for damp food thanks to its 2 integrated ice packs that assistance maintain the food fresh for longer hours. This automated pet cat feeder for wet food includes five compartments allowing you to set up to five dishes for your pet cat. The meals can be set up based on typical feeding times from morning to lunch as well as dinner, overnight snacks, and breakfast to ensure that the cat does not disrupt your sleep.

The electronic timer is very easy to establish and make use of. As soon as you establish the meals and the feeding times that is all you have to do. Fortunately, the feeder only uses batteries. These 3XAA batteries are not consisted of in plan and also you need to acquire them independently. However, they last for up to 12 months.

After all, areas are emptied of food, you can easily take apart the feeder and wash the cover and also bowls individually. They are all dishwashing machine safe.

The company provides great customer service giving you protection for your money in case the feeder develops mechanical problems after you got it. The guarantee lasts for 3 years as an indication of proof of that. If your cat likes kicking things about, this feeder comes with a fastening device that helps you to connect it on a steady board such that the feline won’t be able to throw it around.

This is among minority automatic pet cat feeders that are marketed as a damp food feeder providing it aside over the majority of feeders. The twin ice packs last for a period of 12 to 15 hrs. If you are going away for a longer duration, ice up the food to be consumed latest to make sure that it will certainly have thawed yet still continues to be fresh for when the feeding time shows up. We were able to press 36 hrs of fresh food out of this automated cat feeder for wet food. Of note is that the areas are large, holding up to 1.5 cups of food (11.5 oz) per compartment. This suffices food for 2 cats or a little to medium-size pet.

  • This feeder operates extremely quietly. Hard to discover it at the office. No loud ticking timer.
  • It is extremely very easy to construct.
  • Functions excellent for both wet and also dry foods.
  • The top quality is great for the price supplying a lot more value for cash.
  • It is among the very best for overnight food.
  • Batteries last for 12 months.
  • 3-year service warranty ensured by the business.
  • The compartments are not very airtight as well as might be better in retaining the cold.
  • The cold pack only lasts for 12-15 hours.
  • The LCD display is fairly dark.
  • Additional ice packs are rather expensive.


This automated feline feeder for damp food enables you to set up to 2 meals within a time period of 48 hours. It is very easy to establish with a timer that is not basically a clock but a countdown timer to the next meal.

Each compartment holds up to 300 ml of food which amounts to 1.3 cups of food. Both compartments, therefore, hold a total of 600 ml of food enough for more than one small-medium sized pet cat to prey on.

This automatic feline feeder for wet food comes with an integrated ice bag that guarantees that food lasts for long enough. The good news is, given that the timer can just run for 48 hours at once, it is very simple to press up-to 48 hrs with wet food. To obtain the best usage out of this timed feline feeder, you can ice up the food prior to placing it right into the areas. In addition, placed the feeder in an awesome place given that it can quickly be influenced by the warm climate.

There is no specific information relating to the service warranty, however, it is reasonable to point out that the Pawise customer support is excellent. They were able to answer us rather fast. If you are not pleased with the feeder, they will refund you after you return it.

This automatic pet cat feeder is dishwasher secure to make sure that your pet cat consumes on a clean bowl and feeders. It is additionally a very secure and also durable feeder so if you have a solid cat they will not be able to break into this and also steal food conveniently.

Each tray operates on a solitary AA battery which you have to acquire separately. The downside to this feeder is that the battery is in use for as long as it is put in the feeder. The pet cat feeder does not have an on/off button. Furthermore, there is no caution when the battery runs out, so you will require to be inspecting every other day to ensure the device is running.

  • Easy to set up as well as obtain running.
  • Keeps wet food fresh for up to 48 hours.
  • It comes with a built-in ice pack.
  • It can be conveniently taken apart for cleaning; dishwasher safe.
  • Really sturdy as well as trusted to keep food safe from audacious pet cat.
  • Excellent customer care and communication.
  • You can get simply one compartment at a more affordable rate.
  • The ticking timer is noisy.
  • You can only arrange two dishes.
  • Battery life can be uncertain.


This automated cat feeder can hold a total of 1 pound (450 grams OR 2 1/4 cups) of food in each compartment. Given that it is a two area feeder, it holds a total amount of 2 pounds of food which is quite plenty for any type of feline or two pet dogs. If you are in the market for an automated feline feeder for damp food that will certainly permit you to feed your pet cat one damp food meal early in the early morning and also another dish at night, this could be what you are seeking.

The device includes one built-in ice bag that ensures the food in the compartments stays fresh for longer. You can buy extra ice packs. Some customers were able to get 48 hrs of fresh food if the food was frozen prior to being put inside the feeder. Nonetheless, we suggest 36 hours as an optimum since the device is also influenced by exterior weather conditions. If it is not in a fantastic area, the food may go bad much faster. The timer permits you to set two meals for your feline enabling a duration of up to 48 hours. It appropriates for both dry as well as wet food.

Additionally, the food trays can be maintained in the fridge with the food and after that placed in the feeder when you are ready to leave. We saw that cooling one dish that will certainly be eaten initially and also cold the meal to be eaten last permitted the food to be fresh for enough time.

The integrated cold pack for this automated pet cat feeder for damp food lasts 6 hrs. Nevertheless, if the food was frozen before putting it in the compartments, it still manages to be extremely amazing above area temperature by the time 24 hrs more than.

The timer operates in countdown setting, from the time you establish it will certainly count until no opening each of the covers at the required times so your pet cat can eat. It is a top-quality develop and very hard for a cheeky pet to barge in as well as steal the food.

The feeder has a 3-year warranty to make sure that you don’t need to worry about the high quality of what you are buying.

Normally, this automatic pet cat feeder for wet food is excellent if:

a) you are looking for another feeder to match the one you have that can not be used for damp food.

b) you are taking care of two animals as well as would love to independently feed them without investing in a feeder for each of them.

c) you intend to feed your feline dry as well as wet food once every day. This permits you to establish one area for dry food and another for damp food, allowing you to offer your pet both wet and dry food without hassles.

  • Keeps damp food fresh for up to 48 hrs.
  • Easy to set up and set up.
  • It can be quickly cleaned; dishwashing machine secure.
  • Works fantastic as a corresponding automated feline feeder for wet food.
  • Works quietly behind-the-scenes.
  • A single alkaline AA battery works for up to 1 year.
  • You can only set up 2 meals.
  • Throughout the summer season or heat, food might not last fresh for long due to the high exterior temperature level.

Important Features to Consider

An automatic cat feeder should do several points well. Right here’s what to think about when selecting an automated feeder for your pet cat:

  • Timer. If your pet cat is utilized to consuming at certain times, then you can provide her that very same food whether you’re there or not. Many timers will use at the very least three meals a day, yet several offer much more and also in a selection of part sizes. This is also a fantastic attribute to permit you to see to it your feline obtains sections throughout the day so that she does not overeat after not eating for too long. You will certainly also reach see to it those portions are proper if your pet cat is on a diet regimen to handle her weight.
  • Voice recording. Your feline may be reluctant to consume while you’re gone; it’s a common occurrence when pet parents leave for days at once. With an automated feeder, you can make sure your feline has the food, but you can’t ensure she consumes it. Yet with feeders that enable you to tape your voice to play when it dispenses food, there’s an opportunity your feline will be comforted right into eating. Or at the minimum, she’s be comforted by your voice, in either case.
  • Batteries vs. corded. There are perks to both a cordless and also a corded automatic feeder. If you have a cordless, you can place the automatic feeder anywhere without fretting about it being close to a plug or tripping over cables. Yet if you intend on taking a tour out of community, you risk getting malfunctioning or weak batteries that die while you’re gone, leaving your kitty without her food.
    Gravity feeders. This is really convenient as well as a hands-off method to feed your pet cat (or pet cats) that you may want for any kind of variety of factors. You might have a lot of hungry pet cats that consume at different times, and different quantities or you can be heading out of town and also require a way to see to it your cat obtains the food she calls for while you’re not there. You will require to make sure with a gravity feeder that your pet cat can self regulate her intake. You do not want your pet cat to harm herself consuming to a lot for the sake of your ease.
  • Works with wet pet cat foods. If you feed your cat wet food, you may not have as many choices for automatic feeders, yet you will have a couple of. If you give your cat semi-wet food, that might open your choices up a bit but opportunities are, you’ll need a feeder that will keep your cat’s food cool so it does not ruin. There are numerous feeders that have ice packs along all-time low yet you’ll still need to check it extra carefully to make sure the ice and food remain awesome. (Pro-tip: cool or freeze the food before opening it and also it will take longer to spoil.).
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